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How to Activate Mullvad VPN ?

To extend your Mullvad VPN subscription you would need an original Mullvad VPN voucher key. If you do not have one click here to get a Mullvad VPN voucher key with a limited 40% discount.

To download Mullvad VPN for Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android and iOS Click Here

Extend or activate your Mullvad VPN subscription

1- To activate your Mullvad VPN subscription first you need a Mullvad VPN account (unlike other VPN providers Mullvad does not collect your email address). If you already have a Mullvad account you can ignore this step and continue with the step 2.

To create a Mullvad VPN account Click Here. Then as you can see in the following image click on “Create new account“:

How to activate Mullvad VPN step 1

Then as you can see in the following image click on “Generate account number“:

How to activate Mullvad VPN step 1-1

Then a random number consisting of 16 digits will be generate.

IMPORTANT: Please note that you must save this number somewhere safe such as your password manager application (e.g. Bitwarden). If you loose this number we will not be able to recover your account. Mullvad does not keep any information from their users.

2- Then click on “My account” located on top-right corner of the page :

And then click on the “Voucher” :

3- Then in the enter the code which you received from us into marked field in the below image and click on “Submit“:


Important note: If you ordered 2 or 3 years variation from our shop, you will get 2 or 3 voucher keys. It is needed that you enter each key one by one to extend your subscription. the keys will be delivered inside brackets. Please only enter the codes inside the brackets into the Mullvad website.

For example a 3 years code will be sent to you as follows: