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How to activate F-Secure FreeDome VPN

Instructions for activation of F-Secure FreeDome VPN

To activate your F-Secure Internet Security, FreeDome VPN or F-Secure SAFE, you first need an activation code. To get an original F-Secure Safe activation code, please click here.

To download F-Secure Software, please click here.

Also please note that you would need a F-Secure account to activate your software hence, please click here to create an account if you do not already have.

1- Open F-Secure software (Freedome VPN).
2- At the top of the product window, select the link You already have a new subscription code? This will take you to the F-Secure Setup window.
3- Enter your code in the To renew the current subscription, enter your new subscription code.
4- Select Continue.

Your subscription is then renewed.