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How to Activate ESET Internet Security

How to activate ESET Internet Security software in Windows

To activate ESET Internet Security you would need a valid license key which you can order from here: Get ESET Internet Security License Key.

Download the installation file for the ESET Internet Security: ESET Internet Security

Then after the installation of the software, follow below steps:

1- Open your ESET product. To open the main program window, click the Show hidden icons arrow on the taskbar and then click the ESET icon  .

If your product is not activated, your main window will be red:

2- Click Help and supportChange License.


3- Click Use a purchased License Key. This step is not present in Version 10 ESET products.
Version 10.x: Skip to step 4.


4- Type or copy/paste your License Key into the License Key field and then click Continue. Make sure you enter the License Key exactly as it appears and include the hyphens. If you copy/paste be sure you don’t accidentally select additional space around the text.
Version 10.x: Type or copy/paste your License Key into the License Key field, click Activate, and then skip to step 6.

5- Click Activate.

6- Click Done. You have successfully activated your product.


If you face with any problem or you have questions please feel free to contact us through our support portal:

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