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How to Activate AVG Internet Security

How to activate AVG Internet Security using an Activation Code

To activate AVG Internet Security first you would need an original activation code. To get an AVG license key please click here.

Download and Installation

If you do not have AVG Internet Security installed yet, please download the installer using the below link. Then run the installer and follow the installation steps.


Note: First you would need to register your activation key with AVG. To do so please click here and the enter the activation code which you received from us.

Then follow below steps:

1- Open the AVG user interface and go to My AVGMy Subscription.

2- Select Enter a valid activation code.

3- Type or paste your activation code into the text box, then click Enter.

4- Your subscription is activated. Click Continue to return to the My Subscription screen.

If you have any questions or problems, please free to contact us via our support port.

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