Software Affiliate Program

Do you have a blog, forum or a website? then our software affiliate program would be a great chance for you to grow your business and earn money with your content. We will do our best to help you to make the most out of this program. As we always say, if our partners grow, we will grow and if you would be successful, then we will be successful too. You just need to create a good content on your website and we will help you to monetize your website in the best way possible so that you profit the most.


Your success is our success

By enrolling in SerialCart affiliate program, you will have a personal marketing manager who will assist you on various aspects. Including SEO (search engine optimization) of your website, providing you with premium tools for free so that you can be more visible on Google, monetizing your content and much more. In many cases your personal manager would help you to even make the correct changes to your website so that your content would be more attractive to your audience.

For Everyone

Whether you’re a large network or a passionate blogger with a modest but dedicated following, we can service your advertising needs and help you monetize your website.

Maximize your revenue

Get per-sale commissions , which apply on every qualifying purchase. As our partnership grows, so will your commissions. Competitive conversion rates and fresh marketing materials help you maximize your revenues.

Start Fast

Once approved, you can start using your personal links and banners. You can include them on your website, or use them in other promotional efforts like emails, search links… anything you can imagine.

Plans of SerialCart Affiliate Program

from $ 0.50 Per Sale
0-20 Sales
20 USD Payout limit*
Personal Manager
Payments via PayPal
from $ 1 Per Sale
20-50 Sales
20 USD Payout limit*
Personal Manager
Payments via PayPal
from $ 2 Per Sale
50+ Sales
Custom Payout limit*
Personal Manager
Payments via PayPal
Priority Support

Are you interested ?

It is 100% Free of Charge!

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I join?

Click on the apply button and you will be redirected to a registration form. Complete the form with the requited information and our marketing agents will get back to you after reviewing your information.

Do I need a website, forum or blog to become your partner?

The answer is no. We have partner who are mainly active on facebook or instagram however, having a website would make it more easier for you to increase and manage your sales.

Are there any costs to join?

No, not at all. It is completely free.

Is this program restricted to the country that I am living?

No not at all. Our company is located in Austria and we welcome all people from all around the world. However, please take into consideration that we do pay the payouts through PayPal and PayPal terms would affect this matters as well. Please talk to your personal manager after enrolling into the program for more information.

Why the affiliation fee is not as some other websites?

We are offering our products for the lowest possible margins hence, our prices are considerably lower than other shops. This increases the chance of orders by your visitors. Therefore, you will easily have more orders and respectively more income. The best example is They are offering 25% commission to their affiliates. But the listed price on their website is $99.99 while we are offering the same product for 19.99 due to the low margins which we have and high quantity of product instances that we have ordered. Now the question is how many people would pay $99.99 while they would be able buy the same product for $19.99 ?

How will sales be tracked to me?

We have designed a complex system. You will be provided with the ability to create unique links which include your unique tracking ID. When someone comes to our website via your unique link, any purchase from this visitor will be signup-hash3f54346z78h41io897j3q24f.htmed under your account. And you will receive an email that an order has been placed via your link. In addition you will always have detailed statistics of your performance in your account at our website. The affiliation fees will be added to your account based on your level.

What would happen when the visitor who visits your site through my unique link buys at a later date going directly to your site?

We track visitors by IP address and cookies. And unlike many other affiliation programs, we keep the cookies for 1 year, That means during this one year when the user orders one of our products, you will receive the affiliation fee. We are always loyal to our partners.

What are the free web design and free cloud hosting that you are offering to the platinum partners?

The free services are offered by our partner And they will stay free as long as you are cooperating with us. You will get a free PREMIUM magazine webdeisgn, SEO optimizations so that your content would be more visible on google, SEO and other premium plugins to help you to grow faster.

Whenever you decide that you no longer are willing to cooperate with us, our partners at AiONETS will give you 7 days to migrate your website to an another hosting provider. And no one of the premium tools such as SEO optimizations, premium plugins and themes will be provided you with afterwards. That means you will always be owner of your own content.

When and how will I get paid ?

We send all the payments through PayPal.

And the answer to the question that “when you will get paid?” depends on your affiliation plan. Bronze and God affiliate will get paid when their affiliation fee gets to 20 USD and then you would be able to contact us and request for a payment. Platinum affiliates can always request for a payment. But please note that each affiliate can only request once a month and we will send the fee max 7 days after your request (depending on the number of ongoing requests).

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