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How to Activate Kaspersky Total Security Using an Activation Code

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How does it work?

In this article we describe how to generate your Kaspersky license key using a voucher (activation) key and activate your software.

What is a voucher key?

Voucher key is an activation key which is used to generate a valid Kaspersky license key via an API system directly from Kaspersky servers. That means one additional step is needed to generate an original license key first (using this form).

Why this step is required?

The main reason is that many of our customers do not activate their software right after their order. And they would like to keep their license for some time. Therefore, using the voucher keys you can always benefit the latest version of the software no matter the year. Because the license is generated by you whenever you would like to activate the software.

STEP 1: Generating the license

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please note that be generating the license key the time of your license will start right away. Therefore, please do not do this step if you are not willing to activate your software right now. We do guaranty our activation codes for at least one year hence, you would be able to keep the voucher (activation) code for a long time.

Please follow below steps to generate your original Kaspersky license key:

1- Please go to THIS PAGE (click here).

2- Enter the required information including Voucher key and your email address and then click on Actiare.

3- Then your original license key will be generated and activate.

4- Then please copy your license key and follow the second step.

STEP 2: Activation your Kaspersky software using the generated license key

1- In the Licensing window, click License: … days remaining.

Kaspersky Total Security Activation how to

2- Click Enter activation code.

how to: Kaspersky Total Security Activation

3- Enter the code from the message you have received after buying the license and click Activate.

How to activate Kaspersky Total Security

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